Sunday, March 22, 2009

Alex is crawling on hands and knee's!!!!

I everyone, I am so excited to share with you that my little Alex who is 17month old is now starting to crawl on hands and knee's for the first time. He has only army crawled. Today Sunday March 22, 2009 he crawled all day on his hands and knee's. I am so proud of him! With all that is going on right now in my life this is Amazing News! He has come so far! I truly believe removing the cataracts really helped him with his confidence in seeing! He wants to move around more and now this!

Doctors still don't know what is wrong with him. They found some things to do with his mitochondria but are not diagnosing it just yet. Tomorrow he is going to have an ultra sound of his heart. Tuesday he will go in and get his stitches removed from his Right eye. Then I think that will be it for him. I don't think this little boy will have to be sedated anymore! He has already been sedated 7 times. This will be his 8th time.

Eli is doing well, really testing me these days! I feel like I don't get enough time with him. As things settle down I think the more attention will be spend less on doctors visits and more with my kids! I would like to start going out side more. We have to go outside more around 4:00pm so that there is shade for Alex's eyes! Since it stays sunning longer this is going to be a good thing! It's still difficult taking him out during the mid day. I do get to take both kids on walks because of the shaded stroller!

I've got to tell you a funny story about Eli. I was driving to Jason's cousins house and on the way we saw Firemen. They had boots in their hands and they were collecting money for a cause. Eli started asking me all these questions. In the end, I said it was a very kind thing for these firemen to do this. I think it is a very good thing! His reply was " If you think so mommy!"
I don't know where that came from! Sometimes I can't tell if he is 3 or 13.

Enjoy the pictures and video!!


Friday, March 13, 2009

Things Should settle down now!

Hey everyone,
It has been such a long time since I wrote. I am sorry! Things have been so crazy busy! I guess everyday has been busy for me since Alex has been born.

Well, this last weekend has been a little stressful. Let me get you up to date!

Friday March 6: I woke up at 5:oo am to get Alex to Kaiser in Rancho Cordova. He was going to be put to sleep so the eye doctor could look at his eyes as well as take the stitches out of his Left eye. We got home around 10-10:30am. My friend came with me and her two daughters watched Eli.

Well we came home and my husband was not doing well. (Earlier February he was diagnosed with Pacreatitus and Gall Stones) His Pacreatitus came back and he was in a lot of pain. He was lying down on the cement outside. His mother came to help him work and he was in too much pain to even walk around. He did not want to go to the E.R but let me call the Advice Nurse. She got him an appointment at 2:10 to see a doctor.

At 2:10 I was at Kaiser pt. West in Sacramento for his doctors apt. I was lucky the two daughters stayed to help watch both kids. I am so thankful for them!!!

The doctor told him to go to the E.R but he did not want to go so he ordered blood work done.

So at 7:30 at night, We get a call from the doctor and he said you need to go to the E.R Your levels are much higher than before. You need to deal with it.

So at 8:30 we were in the E.R room and Jason was admitted. I gotta tell you it was hard for me. It brought back a lot of memories of taking Alex to the E.R for his seizures. Well, he Jason was taken to a room in the E.R and guess what, it was the same room Alex had been in for his Seizures. Wow. I did not get home until 2:30 am the next morning.

His cousin Cheryl came. She was awesome! Totally helped me out by being there and I thank God for her.

My parents came the next day to help watch the kids while I went back and forth to the hospital. His mom was a great help as well. She stayed the night.

My sister and her Fiance helped out a bunch! They came and watched the kids and then came the next morning to watch the kids almost all day! I am so grateful to them. They all have been so supportive to me and my family!

I was very much taken care of!!

Jason was not able to get his Gall Bladder taken out that day because his pancreas was still inflamed. So Sunday is when he had it taken out. He i doing great right now. Back to work with help. But healing very well.

Alex is doing well, He has both contact in his eyes. We have been having trouble getting it out but these last two days I was able to get it out of one eye! Yeah!!!

Eli, is such a little trooper! He is weathering through it! Still needs attention but who wouldn't. This whole weekend and week has been about everyone but him. I try to give him special time with me but it's a little hard!

I love both my boys so very much! I hope things get to calm down now! My family has been through so much and we all just need a break!!!

Thanks for your prayers and support!!

Love, Resa

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