Saturday, December 31, 2011

Up at night!

It is 2:08 am sooo much on my mind! Just watched a utube video on Ben Breedlove...who died on Christmas 2011. Talked about his experience of almost dying three times! Gave me comfort about were my sister may have been the week before she died. With an angel! Watched the video "we are the world..Haiti " awesome awesome...touches your heart as songs do! Take a look at it.

Love those around you with all your heart...heal broken relationship for you will miss them when they are gone! Tend to those relationships in your life now because they are worth more than Gold. Love the children with the love of God. Smile to those who you don't could make someone feel like they matter! You don't have to go across the sea to just to help someone ( if you can that is most wonderful too!) ...they could be at your church, school, neighbor, or family member. For we are the examples of God to the world even if the world may not know him!!!

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