Friday, July 25, 2008

Thank Goodness for Sister-in-laws!

So, things have been kinda crazy around here! My little one Alex is sleeping all the time and when he is awake he is lethargic. Well, things are getting a tinny bit better! Alex gets these burst of energy and moves around a bit. Then he get tired really easily and lays his head down. The thing is with him being tired all the time it's hard to play with Eli. He is doing really well through this all. My patience is very little and he gets yelled at quite a lot these days. I fell really bad! He just wants my attention and I can't give him what he wants when he wants it.

So, the other day my sister in-law came over and washed her car. She wanted Eli to help and he had a blast. He was able to be outside and do something fun with out mommy! I think he needed that a lot!

That same day my sister-in-law went out to dinner to just retreat for about an hour and a half. She is going through some family medical problems as well. So it was a great break for us both!

My husband has been weathering through it all as well! He has been working a lot and trying to support me as well. It's not fun for him as well.

My little one just woke up so, I gotta go.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Fear of the UNKOWN!!!!

Well, these last two days have been an up and down roller coaster of emotions for me. I'm not sure where to begin.?

As a mother you always worry about your child! Many of you know about Alex and his history with seizures. Well, about a little over a week and a half ago I started to notice the decrees in activity level with Alex. He also has not been nursing very well. He left for most of the day and when he was awake we was lethargic. He would army crawl and drag his legs.

I didn't think anything of it at first. We had a really big hot wave here in Sacramento and then all the smoke due to the fires. I thought that made him really tired. The thing is, we were inside most of that time in an air conditioned house! So, I then thought, he was growing. I know babies sleep more when they are growing.

Other family member and Alex's physical therapist noticed that he did seem his cheerful self. So, I called the doctor and she asked me to come in. Before we saw her we had to go get blood work done. That was a night mare in itself. They usually don't get the blood. It takes them about 45min and they don't get any or something is wrong with the blood. My poor baby got pricked about four time. Two on each arm. They finally got a whole syringe full of blood for all the tests.
After seeing the doctor she confirmed my feeling by sharing my opinion about Alex. Something was off.

We almost went to the hospital to have him monitored but ended up not going. That night, Alex slept in my room in the playpen while I watched him almost all night! Not much sleep.

Then next morning my Dr. called and said she got me a 10:00 apt with the neurologist. To keep this short, he didn't think anything neurological was wrong! We are now slowly taking him off the phenobarbital. He is concerned about how tired and lethargic Alex is and we are supposed to watch him. Then he ordered a lot more lab work to be done. We went back and Alex had some more blood drawn.

It was all God, because the first time they tried, they got a vein and Alex cried when they put the needle in and then stopped crying, then cried when they took it out. My parent came up to help!

I feel as thought I was strong through it all but all I wanted to do was cry! That's usually how I get my emotions out. (smile)

I thought I had a month to get prepared for Alex to be off his meds. Now I have two weeks starting now. I'll be watching him like a hawk hopping that he doesn't have any seizures.

Do I need to fear... the answer in no because I have God with me. My human side does however fear! I don't have any control over this situation and I just have to let God worry about it. Easier said than done!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Wordless Wednesday --

Morning at the Park!

Well everyone, today I went to the park for the first time with both kids. I went with my friend Lisa and her little girl and the boy she is watching. I was a little scared at first. It was easy with one child, I could follow Eli around. How was I going to do it with two kids. It worked out great!

Alex went on his first swing ride. I think he liked it. He had a smile on his face. I didn't swing him to high. Then he hung out in my friends stroller.

Eli, had a blast. This is the little boy who I took to the park last time, did not leave my side once. I went with another friend, before Alex was born and he just wanted to be right beside me, while my other friends boy played on all the equipment.

This time Eli made friends. He went up to this one little boy and started to hold his hand. I was helping Alex on the swing and looked for Eli and he was holding this little boy Luke's hand and they were running around on the grass. I was shocked. The other mother looked at me and we both just thought it was so cute! I was thrilled. Eli even felt comfortable to wonder away from me. I don't know if that is such a great thing for me but he did!

Now, I met some nice other moms that I think will be fun to hang out with and get to know. I know Eli will have fun playing with the boys!

It was a great morning!!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Alex had a very hard day of play!

I'm a stay at home mother!
How blessed am I.
I find that there is not
enough hours in the day! I'm in a bible study and we are going through a book that is stretching me like there is no tomorrow! One thing the book talks about is there is no more or less time than any other human being who has ever lived! It his me hard! Another thing that was written " will absolutely never come along again--the job of rearing your own children and allowing them the increasingly rare opportunity to grow up at home."
As a mother/wife we
wear many hats! I've talked about this before. Our day can get filled up really fast.

I make my list of what I need to do that day! Most of the time more than half of it is not done. I can end up going to bed frustrated. I know If I don't get something done I want to do, I get frustrated with my children.

There is a time for everything and right now the time to spend with my kids is now! To play with them, teach them and give them my time, is now! Cleaning the house can be fun with the children as well. I don't need to neglect those jobs. Wanting to scrapbook or make cards. That doesn't have to be done at this time. It requires lots of room and time to do those things. I enjoy doing it very much but find myself getting frustrated because I don't get to do it until late at night when I am tired.

There will be a time when the kids go to school. (that is if I don't home school) There will be a time when the kids will have play dates or time they want to do things them selfs. Right now, Gods job for me is my kids and husband first and foremost! Knowing that, helps me not get so frustrated during the day when I know I won't have time to scrapbook or anything else, I want to do.

I chose to be a mother and I love it. I just need to prioritizes! This season is for my children!!!
Does not mean I don't get my own time. I go to a mom's group and that helps a lot! That is for me so I can be a better mom to my kids!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Did you know, July is National Ice Cream Month!


Hey everyone,

My friend Christine is having An Ice Cream Cyber-Social. Check it out!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Forth Of July!

Hey everyone,

We had a very fun Forth of July! The morning started out really relaxing! The kids slept in until 8:00am. Yeah for mommy, I got to sleep in. Then latter that day my sister Mindy and her fiancé's Chad came over and we had a BBQ. Mindy's roommate and her friend came over as well. We lit some fire booms and crackers.

After that we headed over to my friend Suzy's house and played a game while the kids had a slumber party. Her neighbor and Suzy's husband lit the fire works for all of us to see. Eli had a lot of fun with Hanna and Sara while baby Alex feel asleep in Suzy's mothers arms. He slept through all the noise. Yeah!

We left their house around 1:00am and it was a very fun time. It was nice for me to hang out with adults and play a game. Something I have not done in a long while.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Wordless Wednesday --

Wordless Wednesday -- Eli is feeding his puppy!

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