Friday, May 8, 2009

Embracing the Good!

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to say many good things are happening that I get to focus on. I can escape the bad for just a little while.

We are pregnant again. Friday the 8th, I will be 3 months pregnant. This was a surprise for us, but a good one! This pregnancy has gone really well. I have had no morning sickness really. I mean besides the stomach flue twice last month I've had no nausea. Yeah! It has been a very different pregnancy so far. I think it might be a girl. (I am only guessing and hoping) There was a heart beat at the ultra sound. It was the first thing I looked for. (smile)

Eli is doing well. He is such a smart little guy that I think he is smarter than me already. (smile) I try to build up my son's self esteem everyday. I think he knows it to because all he as to do is look at me with those big brown eyes, and that smile to die for and he gets his way. This is not good on my part. (oops) I need to toughen up. (smile) We have been battling bed time for a while. Both boys have a hard time going to bed with out me singing a song or being in the room as for Alex having to rock him to sleep. Well, just yesterday we went back to putting them to bed and walking out. They are both not happy about that. It will take some time to get used to but I know they can do it. They did it once before. I need to just be consistent and strong. I just need to know in my head that in the long run it will be better for all of us. (smile)

Jason is working hard as usual. We don't get to see much of him these days. It's tough on all of us. I know he misses us and the kids miss him. I hope and pray that this will pass as well and there will be one day that we will get to do the family thing all together. As for now, God has us were we are for some reason. Still trying to figure it out. (smile)

Now for Alex, I can not tell you how much this little guy has changed. He is catching up little by little. I'll give you the highlights. He is clapping his hands together with both hands open. He is crawling on everything. He pulls himself up on to his little rocking chair and then pulls himself onto the couch and then were ever else he can. It is so great to watch. The best thing of all is that he is babbling all day long. It's the same sounds right now but it is so wonderful to hear. It seems like he says thing and then looks at me to answer his question or get what he asked for. I love it.

We are still having trouble with his contacts. We have our good days and our bad days. Seems like now, I have a harder time putting them in than taking them out. Who knows I now that someday in the future, Alex will be able to do it all by himself. In the mean time it's my job. I try to do it as fast as I can. He screams but then once they are out or in I pick him up and the crying stops right away. I don't blame him! Do you? I mean I would not want someone pocking my eye twice a day. (smile) He is such a little trooper. We also have some problems losing the contacts. I am constantly looking in his eyes hoping that they are were they are supposed to be. Once or twice a day they seem to move off of the eye. Most of the time it is still in his eye but we already have lost two contacts. The third time, I found it on his high chair. That was really lucky.

As for me, I am doing okay. I am just focusing on all the good. There are many other struggles in my life right now that have been difficult to deal with but I would rather train myself to look at the good. Not ignoring the hard things but not giving them my worry time. I need to not dwell on the bad and embrace the good!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Alex is crawling on hands and knee's!!!!

I everyone, I am so excited to share with you that my little Alex who is 17month old is now starting to crawl on hands and knee's for the first time. He has only army crawled. Today Sunday March 22, 2009 he crawled all day on his hands and knee's. I am so proud of him! With all that is going on right now in my life this is Amazing News! He has come so far! I truly believe removing the cataracts really helped him with his confidence in seeing! He wants to move around more and now this!

Doctors still don't know what is wrong with him. They found some things to do with his mitochondria but are not diagnosing it just yet. Tomorrow he is going to have an ultra sound of his heart. Tuesday he will go in and get his stitches removed from his Right eye. Then I think that will be it for him. I don't think this little boy will have to be sedated anymore! He has already been sedated 7 times. This will be his 8th time.

Eli is doing well, really testing me these days! I feel like I don't get enough time with him. As things settle down I think the more attention will be spend less on doctors visits and more with my kids! I would like to start going out side more. We have to go outside more around 4:00pm so that there is shade for Alex's eyes! Since it stays sunning longer this is going to be a good thing! It's still difficult taking him out during the mid day. I do get to take both kids on walks because of the shaded stroller!

I've got to tell you a funny story about Eli. I was driving to Jason's cousins house and on the way we saw Firemen. They had boots in their hands and they were collecting money for a cause. Eli started asking me all these questions. In the end, I said it was a very kind thing for these firemen to do this. I think it is a very good thing! His reply was " If you think so mommy!"
I don't know where that came from! Sometimes I can't tell if he is 3 or 13.

Enjoy the pictures and video!!


Friday, March 13, 2009

Things Should settle down now!

Hey everyone,
It has been such a long time since I wrote. I am sorry! Things have been so crazy busy! I guess everyday has been busy for me since Alex has been born.

Well, this last weekend has been a little stressful. Let me get you up to date!

Friday March 6: I woke up at 5:oo am to get Alex to Kaiser in Rancho Cordova. He was going to be put to sleep so the eye doctor could look at his eyes as well as take the stitches out of his Left eye. We got home around 10-10:30am. My friend came with me and her two daughters watched Eli.

Well we came home and my husband was not doing well. (Earlier February he was diagnosed with Pacreatitus and Gall Stones) His Pacreatitus came back and he was in a lot of pain. He was lying down on the cement outside. His mother came to help him work and he was in too much pain to even walk around. He did not want to go to the E.R but let me call the Advice Nurse. She got him an appointment at 2:10 to see a doctor.

At 2:10 I was at Kaiser pt. West in Sacramento for his doctors apt. I was lucky the two daughters stayed to help watch both kids. I am so thankful for them!!!

The doctor told him to go to the E.R but he did not want to go so he ordered blood work done.

So at 7:30 at night, We get a call from the doctor and he said you need to go to the E.R Your levels are much higher than before. You need to deal with it.

So at 8:30 we were in the E.R room and Jason was admitted. I gotta tell you it was hard for me. It brought back a lot of memories of taking Alex to the E.R for his seizures. Well, he Jason was taken to a room in the E.R and guess what, it was the same room Alex had been in for his Seizures. Wow. I did not get home until 2:30 am the next morning.

His cousin Cheryl came. She was awesome! Totally helped me out by being there and I thank God for her.

My parents came the next day to help watch the kids while I went back and forth to the hospital. His mom was a great help as well. She stayed the night.

My sister and her Fiance helped out a bunch! They came and watched the kids and then came the next morning to watch the kids almost all day! I am so grateful to them. They all have been so supportive to me and my family!

I was very much taken care of!!

Jason was not able to get his Gall Bladder taken out that day because his pancreas was still inflamed. So Sunday is when he had it taken out. He i doing great right now. Back to work with help. But healing very well.

Alex is doing well, He has both contact in his eyes. We have been having trouble getting it out but these last two days I was able to get it out of one eye! Yeah!!!

Eli, is such a little trooper! He is weathering through it! Still needs attention but who wouldn't. This whole weekend and week has been about everyone but him. I try to give him special time with me but it's a little hard!

I love both my boys so very much! I hope things get to calm down now! My family has been through so much and we all just need a break!!!

Thanks for your prayers and support!!

Love, Resa

Friday, February 27, 2009

Alex second Surgery!

Hi everyone! Alex's second surgery went well. Right now, we could not put the rt contact in his eye so he is wearing glasses for a week. My cute little man still has a smile on his face after everything.

Life is hard right now but we are getting through it. I have no other option than to get through it and we are.

Sometimes its hard and sometimes its not so hard. If my little man has to go through it then I will and if he can get through it, then I can.

Love you Alex!! So very much!

Eli is having a hard time of course. He wants mommy's attention. He is muddling through it. I am trying to give him the attention he needs but it is hard.

Please continue to pray for my family.

Thank you so much!!!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Alex is home!

Hey everyone,
I thought I would post some pictures of baby Alex! He did really good in surgery! The doctor told us that the catarcat that he took out was very dense and white. So he was not seeing anything out of that eye for about a month. The doctor did not put a lens in so baby Alex will have to have really thick glasses. His next surgery for his other eye is Feb 24th.

So onto the next stage. As you can see he has a smile on his face! He is such a trooper! I am so very proud of him!

He tries to itch his eye and take the patch of. That has been a bit difficult but we are doing better. He slept all day today and mommy even got in a nap with him. Yeah!

Eli has spent two nights with Nana. I miss him a whole lot and can't wait for him to come home! Thank you for all your prayers and your thoughts! They really make a difference!

Thank you also to my family who have been very supportive through all this!

I hope to post my crafts soon! Right now Daddy and Alex are a sleep on the couch and it is so adorable.

Eli is feeling much better! He still a cramping here and there but I think he is on the mend!

Jason is going to have Gall Bladder surgery next month. One surgery after another but at least it is happening.

Thank you father for your love and support through all the trials my family has been through and are going through! I would however like a brake from all of it! My family needs it. (smile)

Have a wonderful day everyone, I am going to!!

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Won't be back for a while...I think!


So, I'm not going to be blogging very much right now! Not that I really ever did but I was hoping to. Don't worry, I have not forgotten to post the crafts I have been working on. The truth is many of them are half finished due to baby Alex waking up. I do have some that I will take pictures of and then post them. I'll try to take pictures this weekend!

As last month was full of sickness, this month is full of doctors appointment, Pre-Op, Post Op, and surgery's. Baby Alex's first surgery is on Feb 6. I'm praying that he does not get sick between that time. His second surgery for his cataracts is on Feb 24th.

Then there is my poor husband who we found out has Gall stones. We are not sure what kind of surgery he will have. He will find out this Friday the 6th. Please keep him in your prayers!!!

So, I will be very busy!! I hope I get some crafting time in!!! It's my outlet!
When I have time I will come back to writing but for now, my family is my first priority!! They are going to need mommy a lot this month!

Thought I would add some fun photos. Yes, there is even a picture of me when I was little!

Take care,

Monday, January 26, 2009

Who is incontrol?! Not Me!!!

Hi everyone,

It has been such a crazy month of sickness! My kids have been sick, it hit them hard!! It also hit my husband and I as well. We are all on the mend but wow!

So Alex as you know had pink eye and that cleared up but then he got an ear infection and RSV. I had to give him an inhaler to help him breath. He had it last year so I was not as worried because I how how to take care of it. I do however sleep with him to monitor his breathing.

Recently I have been crafting up a storm! I have this fun idea to start a card club and have been working on projects to show my friends all the things they can do. I have very excited about that.
Next time I will take pictures of what I have worked on and give you the link to where I found the instructions. Just in case there are fellow crafters who also want to do the as well.

I am very excited for my mops group to start up in February!!! I have missed the group and am looking forward to going back!

Jason and I got to go out on a double date the other night. We have not done that in such a long time. It was with my sister Mindy and her fiance! We saw the movie Underworld and went for Pizza after! It was great!! No kids and I didn't worry about them at all. It was a really great time!

I have been sad that I have not been able to go to church this month. I miss it and am looking forward to going back! With the kids and myself being so sick we have been quarantined to our house! I really want Alex to get better for his surgery!

Sooooo..... Today was the first time every that I could see Alex's cataract in his left eye! It was kinda scary looking and it covered the whole black part of his eye! His right eye you can see some of the cataract but it was nothing like the left eye! It got me really worried! I e-mailed the doctor right away!

Then, I kinda thought to myself that I have no control of it and I should not be so stressed out about it. God is in control and I have to trust in that. I mean for some resason Alex was not supposed to have his surgury this week and he as it all maped out! I do have to say, as a mother you will always worry about your children, it's what you do with that worrie that counts!!

Well, it is way to late and I better get to bed! I just thought I would write!
Hope all is well with everyone111

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It has been awhile!

Hi everyone,
Sorry that it has been awhile since I have posted anything! It has been quite busy with the holidays and taking care of Alex's needs! I hope everyone enjoyed the video of Alex crawling. He has done that three times and I'm hoping he will want to do that more. It is a big deal for our little Alex! We are so very proud of him.

We had a wonderful Christmas. The kids loved their gift. My parents got Eli a sleeping bag and he has gotten to use it twice alread and loves it. Santa brought him a desk for Christmas. He really likes that. Mommy has a desk for all her crafts and now he has a desk for all of his stuff!
Alex had a lot of fun opening all his gifts as well! We then went to our parents house and hung out with family! We all had a great time!

Christmas eve we had our annual gram cracker house decorating contest! With Jason's side of the family ever since I we got married we get together with as many family member that can come and have a contest! Some years we decorate cookies as well. These last two years Susan, Jason's sister has had a white elephant gift exchange that has become quite entertaining! She is all about the games.

We went to Tahoe one Sunday for the day and the kids got to see their first snow! Eli has seen it on t.v but never in person. He had a lot of fun and then we got pizza and drove home! It was a fun family event that we don't get to take often enough!

I thought things would calm down now that the holidays are over but I was wrong. Lots of Dr. appointments for Alex. We are very excited that Alex will be having his EYE SURGERY AT THE END OF THIS MONTH AND BEGINNING OF NEXT MONTH! His first surgery will be on Jan 28 for his left eye and his right eye is scheduled for February 6th. We have a lot of Pre-Op appointments and then Post-Op appointments. Please keep him in your prayers if you can remember.

Right now he is fighting a very bad cold that has been with him for about two and a half weeks. I took him to the docotor today and he has PINK EYE. This is not good and if it does not get better, if Alex's cold has not cleared up and his PINK EYE not better he will have to post pone the first surgery! We don't want that!

Please keep him in your prayers!

Eli is doing really well! He is also fighting of a bad cold as well. We pray that he does not get Pink Eye as well! He growing so fast. Right now he is testing me in everyway possible. It has been a bite of a strugel but he has to go through it! It is hard to go through but kinda exciting at the same time. I know that must sound crazy but he is becoming his own self and that is neat to see!
We wants to help me with cooking all the time. If it is making fried rice to his own peanut butter sandwitch he is all there. He is still having trouble with the fact that Alex gets so much attention with all his doctor visits. This next month is his birthday and he will be turning three. I am hoping to make it all about him and have it be really speacial. I told him to pick out a cake and I will make it for him!!

I am excited to start my card club! I love crafts!!! I love making cards and scrapbooking! It is all in the works now but I am hoping to host a party once a month for my friends who love to do all this as well. I will be teaching them how to make cards and other things. It will be a fun thing for me to do on the side! It will also allow me to get to know other people as well!

Jason is working really hard all the time! Things have been kinda hard for him as well. I won't go into detail. Please pray for him and stress!

Thank you for reading up on us and I hope this post finds you all well!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Baby Alex Crawling

I can't believe it he started to crawl. I'll write again after this! It was only once but I am so proud. He did do this once yeasterday.

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