Saturday, January 31, 2009

Won't be back for a while...I think!


So, I'm not going to be blogging very much right now! Not that I really ever did but I was hoping to. Don't worry, I have not forgotten to post the crafts I have been working on. The truth is many of them are half finished due to baby Alex waking up. I do have some that I will take pictures of and then post them. I'll try to take pictures this weekend!

As last month was full of sickness, this month is full of doctors appointment, Pre-Op, Post Op, and surgery's. Baby Alex's first surgery is on Feb 6. I'm praying that he does not get sick between that time. His second surgery for his cataracts is on Feb 24th.

Then there is my poor husband who we found out has Gall stones. We are not sure what kind of surgery he will have. He will find out this Friday the 6th. Please keep him in your prayers!!!

So, I will be very busy!! I hope I get some crafting time in!!! It's my outlet!
When I have time I will come back to writing but for now, my family is my first priority!! They are going to need mommy a lot this month!

Thought I would add some fun photos. Yes, there is even a picture of me when I was little!

Take care,

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