Saturday, January 26, 2013

A New Stage in My Life!

        So I have come to the realization that I am in a new stage of life! To be honest I don't know if I really like this stage but it is something all Mom have to go through, I think? I made the decision to have children. In fact I could not wait to have children. Now, I do and I truly love it even when I have to go through these stages. No one told me these thing, I have to discover them on my own. I wonder why no one told me about these stages? Oh.... because they do pass. Maybe because the GOOD out weighs the BAD.
     I don't know about you...maybe you have not been through this but I am going through it.
     When you first have a child or two, you don't get much sleep because you are feeding and changing diapers. You do have time to do the things that you like to do. (For me it's doing crafts) This continues into toddler stage 1-3yrs of age. They still take naps. :) Now I have three Children who are now 3,5,and 6. My time for crafting has disappeared. I now clean, take care of kids, cook, drive around.... and the list goes on. At night time I can't start something because I am having to take care of kids waking up, night terrors and cleaning up the house not to mention the over whelming flood of tiredness. I tired making a Craft this afternoon and thought it would be fun to let the kids do it too. It didn't go as planned. They needed my help a lot. That is fine but I could not get what I needed done. That's when I realized even when I try to make time, it wont happen.
     This is the time to do what the kids want to do. This is the time to be with the kids because it will go fast... they will become tween and then its hit or miss when it comes to spending time with them. Then they become teenagers and they start having a life of their own more than ever.
     So I have  decided to put my love for crafting for myself away and pick up something that I can have time to do. To write on my blog, read a book, watch t.v, write in my journal, look on the Internet for craft tutorial to write down. For this is the stage that I am in. I will enjoy it the best I can. Make the memories with my kids, teach them to grow up to be amazing people that they will become and know that my time to craft will come again.
    I am not putting it away  because I can't cut cold turkey. smile I will share my joy of crafting with my kids.
     Welcome new stage in Life. I am going to make the best of it! My kids will be the better for it and so will I!!!

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