Monday, June 28, 2010

Love Love Love my Kids!!!!!!

All these picture were taken by my niece Corty Keller!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Before you know it, They are all grown up!!!

Hi everyone, I have just got to share with you that I have been able to take a little breather. Life is still as crazy as ever, but for some reason I am able to look at my kids and see them! Actually see them and enjoy them!

A few fun this have happened this week...

Tuesday my little Emma started to get across the floor all by herself. She is not on her hands and knees yet but she is moving her self around. I have so been able to enjoy her "littleness" ! To enjoy her as a baby and to see her learning in all her glory!! I missed out on that with Alex and at the beginning I was missing out on Emma being a baby when she was born. Not sure how to explain it. Just could not fully enjoy Emma as a baby with all the stuff going on with Alex. God has given me that blessing of seeing my child where she is!!! So very thankful!!! She also went in the pool for the first time this week and she swung in a swing for the first time. Alex got to enjoy pushing Emma on the the swing. At first she just looked at me with this blank impression. Not sure how to react. Then she saw my Big smile and the giggles started to pour out of her mouth and that Smile was so big! She loved them both. Yeah!!

Alex tonight signed three word all together. Not really sure what it meant but the fact that he signed three thing together just made my heart flutter with joy! He signed Car, yes, please. Not sure really what he was saying, but I know that he is little by little starting to get language. We were at my friend Jan's house for lunch and Alex was sitting up straight (his back straight not in a "C" shape) and his knees were bent! Most of the time for balance and his tone his knees are always straight out. But I saw that and so so proud of him. He also get's to be fitted for new braces for his legs next Tuesday. So exciting!! Just the little things are so great for me right now!

Eli, my little Eli, wow he is growing up so fast. I just look at him and though nothing is wrong with him, he just takes on the world! After I sign something to Alex he tries to sign the same thing to Alex. He want's to communicate with his brother. He doesn't always know how to play with Alex. He plays around him but not with him. We are working hard on that but he wanted to sign with him and to me that is so amazing!! So nice to see as a mother.

We did have a scare thing happen with him. He feel in my sisters pool and was drowning. Very scary. I was at the other end with Emma and I heard a splash and I saw his arms waving up in the air. My first reaction was to get over to him. Fortunately my sister Mindy was right there and jumped in after him! For some reason there was no fear in my heart. There was just, I have to get over to him and pick him up. That was from God. I just know it was! I am so thankful that it did not traumatize Eli. He was fine after that and really did not cry at all. Taught me a less though, Have him wear a life jacket even if he is not going to go in the water. Think I will be going to Wallgreens and getting that $7 life jacket for him for next time. Smile

Over all this week has been a really good week! The highlight for me with this week , as well as all the highlight my kids had, was hanging out with my friend Jan and talking with her. To be real and to talk about hard stuff with someone you trust is truly a blessing from God. She has been such an encouragement to me! You should see her with my kids! They love her so much. Eli is always saying " I need to sleep in my bed so that I can tell Jan that I did." "I put on my cloths all by myself, Gotta tell Jan she would be proud." Thank you Jan for being you! I pray that everyone has a Jan in their life!!! Smile

Also, I feel like I have one of the best sisters in the world. Mindy and her husband have been so kind in every way with me and my family. I am truly blessed and want to acknowledge that! Thank you Mindy for being a wonderful sister and an amazing Aunti. Thank you Chad for being a most wonderful childlike Uncle to my kids!!

There a lots of wonderful positives in my life amongst the crazyness in my life and I thank God for allowing me to see that!

Till next time! Sweat dreams!!!

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