Friday, February 27, 2009

Alex second Surgery!

Hi everyone! Alex's second surgery went well. Right now, we could not put the rt contact in his eye so he is wearing glasses for a week. My cute little man still has a smile on his face after everything.

Life is hard right now but we are getting through it. I have no other option than to get through it and we are.

Sometimes its hard and sometimes its not so hard. If my little man has to go through it then I will and if he can get through it, then I can.

Love you Alex!! So very much!

Eli is having a hard time of course. He wants mommy's attention. He is muddling through it. I am trying to give him the attention he needs but it is hard.

Please continue to pray for my family.

Thank you so much!!!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Alex is home!

Hey everyone,
I thought I would post some pictures of baby Alex! He did really good in surgery! The doctor told us that the catarcat that he took out was very dense and white. So he was not seeing anything out of that eye for about a month. The doctor did not put a lens in so baby Alex will have to have really thick glasses. His next surgery for his other eye is Feb 24th.

So onto the next stage. As you can see he has a smile on his face! He is such a trooper! I am so very proud of him!

He tries to itch his eye and take the patch of. That has been a bit difficult but we are doing better. He slept all day today and mommy even got in a nap with him. Yeah!

Eli has spent two nights with Nana. I miss him a whole lot and can't wait for him to come home! Thank you for all your prayers and your thoughts! They really make a difference!

Thank you also to my family who have been very supportive through all this!

I hope to post my crafts soon! Right now Daddy and Alex are a sleep on the couch and it is so adorable.

Eli is feeling much better! He still a cramping here and there but I think he is on the mend!

Jason is going to have Gall Bladder surgery next month. One surgery after another but at least it is happening.

Thank you father for your love and support through all the trials my family has been through and are going through! I would however like a brake from all of it! My family needs it. (smile)

Have a wonderful day everyone, I am going to!!

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