Saturday, September 4, 2010

Whooping Cough!

So, I really can't sleep all that well. Alex has this really bad cough and I was worried that it might be in his lungs. Last December he had pneumonia and was rushed to the E.R by ambulance and was dehydrated and had to have fluids through an I.V.

My new little one, Emma was taken to the hospital on Christmas Eve with RSV. She was only 1 month old.

My little Alex just gets everything. Not just little cold but the major things, R.S.V, Pneumonia, Mono. Really can't this kid catch a break. We got a call from the Dr. today telling us that he tested positive for whooping cough.

I don't watch t.v and we don't get the news paper. I really have not heard anything about this Whooping Cough. No excuse really. As a mother I should know these things.

Oh it's 1:35 and I am just so worried about everyone. My husband also has it! Just not a good thing around here!

For thouse who read this, Prayers are much needed! Lack of sleep... worried...and beat. We all are!

I guess God thinks I can handle a whole lot! Right now he is my strength because this human body has no more! There is light at the end of this very long tunel..... I hope! Give me the strength to get through this all! Pray that I don't get sick so that I can take care of all the others! When I am weak he is strong!

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