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I am so thankful for the Therapist Alex has and has had! The amazing work they do with him and the patience with dealing with me the, anxious parents. They have the knowledge and know how of what needs to be done and to know that it will take some time. As a parent you want the best for your child. You want change to happen for the better fast and when you don't see it, you get discouraged! Alex's therapist have been really encouraging for me. They are real about were he is but they end will take time to get back to were he was before.

This last week I decided to video and try to track his progress. If time allows, I will video at the middle of each month. (having trouble up loading the video's but will be working on it)

I have been really worried about him gaining muscle! I have been working hard at home with the therapy we were given. School is taking a lot out of him but we try to get as much in. He has a smile through all of it.

I have to admit I was somewhat sad this week. Alex has come so far and now it's like he has taken 10 steps backwards. Though I have to keep in mind he had major surgery. Surgery that has helped and will help him in the future. The next hurdle is building muscle and that takes time. It's just hard for me to see. Though his smiling face lifts my mood!

They make it fun! He has a blast and laughs and giggles his way through it! He has horse therapy once a week but we think we need to make it twice a week. Still working on setting that up if possible. They play basket ball, matching games and a whole lot more. He is really weak on the horse but it will get better in time! He started riding the horse with handles and slouching while he rides. Then he worked his way to just the reigns and he could Gallup on the horse. Now he can't really lift one had while riding on the horse and he is back to the handles not the reigns.

He has P.T through C.C.S and that has been amazing. She has him on a bike, and throwing basket balls while standing up and down, she works with him in his walker and so much more. She is so optimistic and encouraging. She even goes as far as sings to him while he marches in his chair. That was so good to see. She is patient and Alex loves going. I bug her about little things I have notices and she check for me with out judgment or a though of "her she goes again." Our communication is great.

I would like to encourage you mom's who are reading my blog , it is really beneficial to go to your child's therapies if you can! You get to know who is working with your child and you get to see first hand the improvements. You can ask questions if you need to, so you can  help your child at home.  It's really hard to go for me sometimes but I try to make it a priority. I have to be honest and I didn't make it a priority in past years. I let the therapist do the work and at home do the best I could. (But I could have done better) But it's different going. I encourage you to go if you can!

His O.T is working so hard with Alex and focusing on strengthening his hands and his upper body. She has been amazing to. Helping me and talking me through and showing me what I can do with Alex at home. She is encouraging and let me feel like he will get stronger.

He has adapt P.E... I don't get to see all that he does but I hear the giggles coming from the class room! I see him riding his bike around the school with a big smile on his face!

With a child who faces challenges... it take a team of people to help them reach their full potential in life! It really does! The Doctors Amaze me with all they do... The therapist amaze me for all the work they give to Alex. Everyone who help him to reach his full potential is so in awed by me!

There is so much to think about with him, All his therapies and all his academics as well as making sure that he isn't sick, and making sure that he feels like any other kid! It can be overwhelming at times!

He is going to improve...It will take time...and I trust the team I have that surrounds my son!

(Having video difficulty again. I will try to fix it as soon as I can!

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