Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Busy Week!

Hey Everyone,

Last Friday, Alex and his second MRI! The doctor called me after hours to let me know that everything is normal! Yeah! Praise God!

This week is very busy! Tomorrow Alex will see an eye doctor to check out his eyes and why they are super sensitive to the sunlight! Then Monday Alta Regional will come and assess Alex and see if he qualifies for their program. Then Thursday we have a G.I doctor's apt. Busy Busy Busy, but the ball is rolling and I'm starting to get the help that Alex needs!

Still not sure what is wrong with him but with all these new people to help intervene who knows we might just figure out what is going on.

There is hope in the Lord always!

As for me dealing with the loss of my baby, the sadness comes and goes. Sometimes is strong and sometimes it's not that strong. My body is also going through hormonal changes trying to get regulated again. That heightens my emotional state! (smile) My poor husband and kids. (smile)

Life seems to be to busy for me to even really think about my lost baby.

Thank you for everyones prayer and support!


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