Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Getting through it all!!!!

Hello everyone,
So how have things been? Well, lots have been happening. Lots of appointments and new insight as to what is going on with Alex. I don't know if I told you but Alex has been really sensitive to the sun light. He closes his eyes or puts his head into my shoulder to avoid the sun light. We recently took him to an eye doctor. It was a tough appointment. They tried to look into his eyes but he would close them. They called it photo-phobia.
They put drops in his eyes and still he would not let them look into his eyes. They had to wrap him up and put those metal thing in his eyes to help spread the eye to open them. It was hard for mommy to see as well but it had to be done.

It turns out he has mild cataracts in both eyes. He will go back in December have another check up. He will be sedated for that appointment so they could get a better check!

We also went to the geneticist. They are puzzled with Alex's symptoms. But it's nice to know that they will be talking to all the doctors Alex's has and will try to figure out what is going on with him.

Things are coming together and I am happy about that!!

So how do I get through it all? I make cards or gifts. It might be late at night, but I have not been sleeping well and it helps get things off my mind.

I also think to myself, Yeah it's hard on mommy but just think how hard all of this is on my little Alex. If he has to go through it then sure can! Plus, a mother does anything for her son!!!!

Thanks for all your help and prayer!! Keep him in your thoughts he needs it.

He also got evaluated and he is behind in his motor skills. So he will be getting more therapy! Yeah!

Halloween is here and Eli is so excited! We got a costume for him but he does not want to be an Animal. My son wants to be an airplane. Yes, an Airplane. I wonder how I am going to pull that one off. (smile)

We found his winter cloths and I can't wait for him to see snow for the first time in his life. (smile)!!!

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Cheryl said...

Hey, where are the Halloween pictures?

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