Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mothers Day!!!

Tomorrow is Mothers Day! I have been thinking a lot about it tonight! I love being a mother! When I was young that is one thing I wanted to be when I grew up! For me becoming a Mother is the hardest thing! There is so much to that title!

As a Mom, I pray that my kids know that I love them. Yes, I tell them over and over again but I really want them to know in their minds and in their hearts! As for me I need to discover how each one of them accepts my love! I could tell them till I'm blue in the face that I love them but with out action behind it, they are just words. Are they words that my children can trust and believe in!

As I continue to think about this, I know that people care and love me by the time they spend with me. Someone can tell me that they love me over and over again but it isn't really real until they take that time.

I am a big gift giver! I love giving gifts! It's how I show that I care about my friends, family, and children. The joy I get for making people smile and to have something tangible for them to be reminded that they are loved by me is priceless!

My husband wants to hear that I love him! No matter how much I clean up the house or cards I give him. He accepts my love through my words that are spoken.

I have no idea how Eli, Alex, or Emma accepts my love and I have years to come on finding that out. I believe it is so important to find that out! As a mother that is very important to me!!! Because when I am teaching them how to grow through life lessons they need to know that it comes from a loving spirit!

With the title of being a "Mother" come big responsibilities! I mean BIG! It also comes with So much JOY and LAUGHTER. On the flip side, it comes with heart ache and worry, and every other emotion imaginable. Smile

I trust in God that he made me the way I need to be to take on this great big responsibility of being a Mother. Every step of the way, he is right there guiding me. Teaching me how to take care of his children!

I am blessed to be a Mother! To me it is the best job in the whole world!!

Thank you to my family, OH how much I love each and everyone of you!!!

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