Friday, April 18, 2008


My little son Alex loves his older brother Eli. He watches him all the time and laughs at him all the time. Well, now my older son Eli is starting to play with Alex. It is so fun to watch! For a while there he didn't really want to play with Alex. On his own, he goes up and gives him a hug and a kiss and tells him that he loves him! It melts my heart!

My younger son Alex, in January started having seizures. He now on medicine but I'm always watching him! For awhile, I was sleeping in the boys room. My husband was in our room. I'm starting to sleep in the other room. It's hard but when Alex waked up early in the morning he ends up coming into our room.

One thing Eli started to do is hang onto my leg when he is apprehensive about something or someone. It reminds me of a dream I had a long time ago before I was married or had kids. I dreamed that I had a little child and they did hang on my leg as I walked down the street. Can't believe that dream is a reality!

I love being a mom with all it's ups and downs!

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