Thursday, May 1, 2008

I am losing my marbles!

I think there is something that changes in your brain when you become a mother! You start to forget things! You put the keys down and then a minute later you are tearing your house apart looking for the keys because you can't remember where you put them.

The worst part about it is when you assume your kids are at fault. The other night I was searching the house looking for my sons water cup for bed. Now in the past he has had it and placed somewhere and then can't find it. So I assumed that is what happened and I kept asking him where did he put his cup. So after me saying, " I'm so frustrated" he is put to bed with a new water cup. Five minutes later as I go to get a drink from the fridge. I see Eli's water cup on the shelf!

That's when the wave of guilt rushes over me! How awful I felt for thinking it was Eli's fault.
Good think kids forgive really fast!

I've gotta share a really cute story! We have started to say little prayers at the dinner table. We fold our hands and Eli repeats what we say to God. Well, he was out side playing with bubbles, talking to him self. Suddenly I see him set the bubbles down and say, Thank you for the bubbles, Thank you for mommy and daddy and Alex. Okay, now I can play with bubbles and picks them up and starts to play with them! It was so adorable to see him apply what he is learning!

I was outside with my two boys and I was paying attention to Alex. I could hear Eli talking to himself. Then I was starting to listen to what he was saying and he was singing the Alphabet song all the way through! I was so excited. Now when I ask him to sing the song for other family members he thinks and then says "NOT YET".

I love my boys!!

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Anonymous said...

I don't think you are losing your marbles. I enjoyed reading your stories. :) Thank you for sharing and thank you for your friendship. You have such a giving spirit and are a wonderful mommy!

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