Friday, May 2, 2008

Filling my cup!

So, most of you have heard the saying fill your cup. This means you need to do things for yourself so that you can do things for others. If you give and give to others and never give to yourself, bad thoughts start to creep in your mind as well as bad feelings! So to fill my cup I used to scrapbook! Love doing it. Still do but with two young ones at home I don't have any time. I will start it up again when they are older. I'll have plenty of years to catch up on. (smile) So I needed to find something else to fill my cup with. So I've started to take a cake decorating class. This is something I have found to be very fun and the results are very tasty! The things I'm learning will come in handy when its time for celebrations or even birthday parties. Here are some of my work.

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