Wednesday, May 14, 2008

"Keeping up the the Jones!"

I'm up late and I have a lot on my mind! We all "want"! We all want more in our lives! It's human nature! It not necessarily a bad thing to want until it overwhelms you. You can want good things. For instance health for your children and husband! For love, happiness, for security,better future for your children and yourself! It's when you starting wanting just to "keep up with the Jones". It when the materialistic things creep into your life, your head, your desire!

To see someone else's house and think, I wish my house could be like that or even I wish I had a house! To see how someone looks and the cloths they wear and say wow, I wish I could afford that for myself.

There are some points in your life when you just can't have what you want. Well, my friends, I'm guilty!

I find myself wanting material things not just for me but for my family! I want bigger and better toys for my kids! I want them to play and be happy! I think, they want that to but the only thing they really want is... to spend time with mommy and daddy!! To give them my undivided attention! To not worry about what the house looks like because they are only looking at me!!! To not worry about what toys they have, because they just want to play with a toy with me!

Gotta say, this is a lesson I'm probably going to learn over and over again! Maybe next time it won't be as hard as the last time!

It's amazing how much you learn from your children!

I'm learning what it means to live with limited budget! The stress that comes with that is over whelming, eye opening, and really test me! I'm failing miserably right now but knowing is half the battle. (smile)

Kids grow up so fast and if you don't look and enjoy it closely it will be gone before you know it!
My baby Alex is now 7 months old. Seems like yesterday he was just born! So, I let my house be messy for a few days,it can be fixed in one late night cleaning! The memories will last forever. Not just for me but for my boys as well.

I'm not saying don't want! Sometimes it's good to want. Just don't let it over whelm you. Because what I want is what I have and I am thankful and thrilled about it. Yes, even through the tough times.

It's through the tough times that you really do grow and learn! Sometimes it's not that easy but you get through it. I get through it!

Okay, not that I've written all this down I can go to sleep now!

Note: It is late and if I rambled, I'm sorry! If some of this does not make since, it's because I'm was writing as I'm thinking. That can be somewhat dangerous for those who know me really well!

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