Friday, May 30, 2008

A Home Educator!

Hey everyone, So something that has been on my mind for quite some time is schooling for my little ones. Eli has already learned his alphabet and can count up to 13. He knows all his shapes and colors even the color Tan. I was in the public school for most of my life and then went to private school during my high school years. I never even considered homeschooling until I got to Sacramento.

I've always wanted to be a teacher and being a mom you become a teaching automatically! I just went to a conference tonight put on by SCOPE. "Sacramento Christian Organization of Parent Educators. " It was very in formate, overwhelming and exciting all at the same time.

I talked to some people I knew who home schooled. I have two young women who watch my boys some times and they were homes schooled. Hearing the positive it had in their lives was so encouraging. Then I asked their mother how she went about starting to home school. She told me there was a conference and I went. This conference is once a year!

How interesting that it all fell into place. Well, I thought it was sort of weird and then I thought some more and it was a, as my mom would say, "God thing".

They have curriculum that incorporate the bible! I never knew that. My children could be learning their numbers and reading but also about stories in the bible at the same time. I was excited about that!

This is something that I will be praying about and asking God if it's what he wants me to do for my children!

During the talk, the speaker said that God comes first and then your Husband! Our children need to see us and our relationship with God. It's not something we need to do while there asleep or napping. I understand that if your doing a bible study and you need to concentrate then do it when they are sleeping. But just your daily conversations with God don't always have to be in your head. Start when they are young.

I could write so much more and I might continue tomorrow! For now Have a most wonderful night!

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