Wednesday, June 4, 2008

To Sleep or not to Sleep!

So here is an up date on the whole putting the kids down to sleep situation. To night I put Alex down all by himself. He cried for about 25min until he finally fell asleep. About 25min latter we put Eli to bed, after he conned us in to seeing my husbands tractor, watching part of baby Einstein. Once the door closed the screaming and tears pour out! Of course our baby Alex woke up and started to scream as well. He tried to come out of the room two time but I was outside the door making sure he didn't open it. As I did this tears streaming down my face. It's so hard to hear your children crying!!! After about 15-20 min while Eli was still screaming and crying Alex's little tears and cries stopped. 10 min latter Eli's stopped and I heard him crawl into bed!

At this point my husband went to check on the boys. Alex had fallen asleep and was snoring away! Eli was lying on him bed. My husband said he was shaking but asked if he was okay and he said yes!

Teaching lessons can be so tough and I just wanted to give up and go hug my kids. The only thing is they won't ever learn how to go to sleep if I don't teach them.

When Eli was a baby we did this method and on the third day he was fine! He knew that when It was time to lay on the bed he had to go to sleep. When he was older we had to use this method again. When I was pregnant I fell asleep when he took his naps or when he went to bed so did I for a while in his room.

Now I'm breaking the habit again!

One thing I learned to night was this:

Don't but Alex to bed first and let him cry because Eli will come in and wake him up. I know that Alex can fall asleep even while Eli is crying! So tomorrow night they both go to bed at the same time and I will put them down with hug, kiss, and an "I love you" and walk out. We shall see how many days this will take, as well as how effective is this method!

Stay toon for more in this difficult time of bed/nap times! (smile)

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Mindy said...

Hey Resa! I'm so glad to hear that the boys settled down and fell asleep. Great job! I felt so bad for you though, standing outside the door crying. I know how it is. :) Just a few minutes of're one lucky mama! Keep up the good work.

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