Sunday, June 29, 2008

I'm so excited!!!!!!

Okay, I just have to share this. I am so excited!!! I've been really worried about Alex and his development. I Know that every baby has his or her own set time on when they are going to do things. I was just worried for him because he is on Phenobarbital for his seizures. I thought that the medicine might be affecting him. I really have no idea. I've talked with friends about this and they give me encouragement. One of my friends said their little boy Eli didn't crawl at all and when straight to walking. It really encouraged me and gave me hope.

As a mother it's in our nature to worry about our kids. Once you have kids that never stops. Well, my friends, He is starting to show signs that he his wanting and starting to crawl. He is also starting to baby talk which I was really worried about. Eli said "hi" at 3 weeks old and is a very articulate little man. So I was concerned about Alex. He is starting to baby talk now and I actually feel so happy for him. I mean I got chill of excitement for him. I even felt like crying out of joy!

So, I was so excited that I got it on video. For those who know me I love capturing my children's moment on camera! It's my way of freezing the moment for a life time. Enjoy them!

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Jaime said...

How exciting! It's so fun to watch our kids discover their worlds!

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