Monday, June 23, 2008

Long Time...

Hey Everyone,

Things have been quite crazy for me. We have had a lot of family events to go to! I hope your all doing well. I thought I would write and give you an up date on how my kiddo's are doing with their sleeping.

Eli is amazing! He now goes to bed with out fighting it and he stays in his room. He sometimes is up for a good hour before he falls asleep and with this hot weather who could blame him. But like a good little boy he stays in his room.

He has hit his "two's" full blown. I am now getting the joy of dealing with temper tantrums and the "That's mine". We are working through them sometimes 3 in a day or more. (smile)

He is his mothers son! I say this because I catch him copying me and what I say. For example:
The other day I dropped something and I said "oh-y" The next day Eli did the same thing and started laughing.

I can't remember why I said this but I told Eli "It was not appropriate." The next thing I knew Alex was playing with Eli's toys and Eli took it away and said "Alex's that's not appropriate. "

Alex is doing well. When it comes to bed time he still cries when I put him down for a good 5-10 min. I mean sometimes it's high pitched. He even wake up and starts to cry before we get to the bed room. I try to put him down when he is drowsy and not fully asleep.

He is still on the medicine. I am a little worried because he isn't sitting up very well. He scoots around like an army guy not using his legs really that much. He does get to were he needs to go. We are still going to physical Therapy and she says he is doing much better. That make me feel better.

Here are some cute pictures of the boys, I hope you enjoy them.

I'm going to try to start writing on a regular basis. That is my hope... well shall see if it happens. (smile)

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Melissa B said...

Hi Resa, it's Melissa from First Covenant (well, ages ago!) I just found your blog through Christine's and wanted to pop in and say hello. Hope you have a wonderful week with all your boys!

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