Thursday, June 5, 2008

To sleep or not to sleep Day Two!

Well, I just wanted you all to know how day two went, with putting the kids to bed. Today was a busy day.

My boys spent some time with their Aunti Mindy. We went to some stores and had lunch! Their naps were in the car and in the store. They didn't nap in bed. I thought that might have some effect on how tonight would go. After spending most of the day with their Aunti, we came home and their Nana came over.

I was able to go to my favorite place, "Michaels" the craft store for about an hour or so. When I came home Alex was asleep in Nana's lap. Which me the consistency factor of putting him in his crib awake just didn't happen. Maybe a half hour latter their other Aunti came over. While she was here their Uncle David came over as well. Such a busy day and I know that when family or friends are over Eli does not want to go to bed. I don't blame him. Who wants to miss out when people you know are over.

At 8:00 Alex seemed wide awake, but I still put them both down awake in their beds at 8:00.

Eli and Alex started to scream again. My husband and I kissed the kids good night. (No story or prayer happened which I really wish it did!) I closed the door as my other family members are in the family room. Who knows what their were thinking. I stayed by the door and held it closed just once. Eli calmed down about 10-15 min latter. Alex took longer. They were both asleep after 20 minutes.

After Eli, clams down I open the door and leave it open. He seems to really like that. Maybe tomorrow he will not cry so much and I can open the door and he won't be as scared. I know He feels better when the door is open. I eventually want to put him down and just walk out leaving the door open.

Poor baby Alex had a harder time. He cried with all his might! Stopped for a little and looked around. Saw his brother their and a few seconds latter started to cry again. I will hope that someday soon I can just put Alex down and he will know that it is time to sleep.

I just hope that someday soon both of them can go to bed without any tears!

There is the up date! I'm trying my best! That is all I can do.

Here is a fun little video of my baby Alex with her cousin Corty! Enjoy!!!! It's not all Tears around here! (smile)

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