Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Sneak peek into the world of Eli Taylor

"Do me a favorite" translation "Do me a favor"
"Marote" translation "Remote"
"It brote" translation "It broke"
"Pinnano" translation "Piano"

I was talking to my son today. I said "This house is such a mess" It makes me so sad. He came up and gave me a hug and said "mommy, don't be sad." " It's okay".

It melted my heart. He was showing compassion. To see you child show that emotion was very memorable for me.

My husband, was working on the truck in the front yard. Latter my son comes up to me and says "Where is my hat?" Now, he has not put his had on for a long time. All of the sudden he wanted to wear it. I thought is was sort of odd. I played along with it and found him his old navy baseball cap. He put it on and we went outside to go to the store. When I saw Jason outside he was wearing his baseball cap on his head. Now it made sense. Eli wanted to be like his daddy!

Jason, worked a lot. So when ever Eli asks where daddy is, I always say "He's at work". So now he knows when Jason is a work he says, "I need to go to work." " I will go to work outside."

More for latter!!!!

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