Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Magical Moment!

So, I just wanted to share this with you all. There are times in your life were things happen that make you feel many different emotions all at the same time! It's quite over whelming yet magical! For all of you who know me, one thing that has never changed is that, I feel things deeply. It's just the way God wired me.

Okay, this afternoon I had a magical moment with my son Alex! Out of my two children, Alex is the one I worry about the most at this time. He has been through so very much and is still going through lots! He had Erb's Palsy when he was born, he started having seizures at 3 months old. He's been through many tests and he has been taking a strong medicine called Phenobarbital to keep him from having more seizures! With all of this going on in his life, I was worried about his physical development. We've been going to physical therapy twice a month to work on his arms and back.

I was concerned that the Phenobarbital was effecting his physical development. He did really want to start to crawl. Or at least make the movement of the rocking back and forth and moving his knees under his stomach. Well, today he did. He even got up a little and rocked back and forth. To most of you this is not such a big deal. Yes, it's very exciting but "what a magical moment." I was so incredibly proud of him. Joy, sadness, relief,excited, LOVE, and Pride all consumed me. Tonight I am going through the camera and remembering that moment, and I just feel like crying out of joy!

"Magical Moments are gifts from God!"

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