Wednesday, November 12, 2008

So proud of Alex!!!!

I am so proud of my baby Alex!!! He is trying so hard to catch up! He works so very hard to do other things kids can do his age!

He if finally sleeping in his crib!! It was a lot of work put he is doing it! It's not to say that he doesn't wake up!

He is starting to pull up on things! He pulled himself up to his knee's in his crib! It was awesome to see. He looks at Eli jumping on his bed and he wants to do it in his crib!

He is trying to crawl around to catch up to his big brother! He's not crawling yet but he tries the best he can!! I get little glimpses of what life is going to be like with the two of them! I'm so very excited!!!

Good thing are starting to happen! He is getting the help he needs and is making big improvements. Still behind in motor skills and verbal skill but he is doing the best he can and I am so very proud of him!!!!!

Yeah Alex!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Resa I am so pleased and so proud of little Alex! He is really coming along nicely! Congrats! I'm glad your getting the therapy and help that you need!

Soon you'll have two little guys running around!

Keep it up and hang in there girl! Your doing a great job as a mommy!

Love your sis, Kari

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