Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Things are coming along!!!


  I am back and I just want to say I am so proud of my little man! He is doing great! The healing is wonderful and he has come such a long way!

Last week, was are first time back with Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy and I almost cried! She had him stand for the first time. It was for a second but boy did he have a huge smile on his face! He also spend 12 minute in the stander. I was so proud of him.  Another big thing she did was help him to practice walking a little. That's when tears welled up in my eyes. Before his surgery he would doing the hopping (legs together and hopped to get anywhere with his walker), this was due to the strong scissor walking that would happen (were one leg would cross over the other). It was very difficult for him with his braces to take one step. This time his scissor walking was less and he was able to take the steps he needed. Now, he was holding onto bars on both side and the therapist was holding him. The overwhelming joy that filled my heart, I can't put into words.

This surgery was for pain management only and I understand that, however as a mom and my understanding...he is more aligned. There is no telling what the outcome of the surgery will allow Alex to be able to do, but I already see results!

I understand how important it is to do the home therapy as well. The more times we work on strengthening is muscles (if they can be) and the more stretches he can do... the sky is the limit! Yes, it takes a lot of time and effort but I want my child to be as independent as he can! To know that he can do things just like the others with no help.

Alex has a big brother and a little sister and it is amazing to see how much they help him out. I had put him in the stander and made homemade Theraputty and they other two were playing right along side him. Helping him and instructing him. He loved it! It helped pass along the time and it gave him such self esteem. (my brother and sister want to help me)

School starts in two days and I am a little nervous. Alex will be put in a regular class room with a lot of kids. I can't help worry about how its all going to go but I know that God has him in his hands. The more I work with him at home and get him stronger along side the therapist and doctors the more he will be able to focus on his studies.
It's a big team and we are all working for the good of my little man!

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