Friday, August 8, 2008

A sigh of relief!

So I we went to the doctors today! We were going to have to get another MRI done for Alex. Today she walked in and said we don't have to do the MRI, I know what's wrong with Alex. He has Mononucleosis. Mono! I was so relieved!!! We did all these test and ex ray's and he has Mono! II would not wish this on any baby but I'm glad that it's not something very serious! He will be tired for the next month and a half! So I just get to deal with all that! I am so okay with that. (smile)

Thank you Lord! I'm so happy!


Mindy said...

I never thought I'd shout hooray for a baby with mono, but HOORAY!!!!!! I'm so glad it's nothing more. I've had mono and wow, it knocks you out. No wonder he's lethargic. :( Poor little guy. I'm breathing a sighn of relief with you Resa!

Christine said...

I saw this post the other day, but because I'm horrible about leaving comments you would never have known that...

So, so glad it's not anything more!! Prayers were heard!

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