Monday, August 4, 2008

Still Trying To Figure This Out!

Hi everyone, Have not written in a while. Sorry, let see what going on...

Eli has taken up to singing! It is so adorable he will just start making up his own songs. It is so cute to hear!

Alex is doing okay. He is getting over a cold. For a while there he was back to his happy, giggly, smiling self. Starting to babble lots and move around all over the house.

Well, these last two days he went back to sleeping a lot and being tired most of the day. We went to the doctors and he had a chest ex ray. It all looked good. He got his blood sugars checked and she ruled out diabetes. The thing that worries us the most is he is losing weight. In two weeks he lost a pound and a half or close to that. He should not be doing that. He will be getting some more blood work tomorrow. This poor child has been through more than I ever have in my life. We don't know what's going on. The Dr. thinks it could be a bad virus. She doesn't think it's the medicine. Everything is still unknown.

I gotta tell you though it hurt my heart! It hurts my heart to see my baby not being his normal self. I feel like everything is being delayed. It could be me but I know where he could be and he's not. I know it's nothing that I could have done but as a mother you just want to take all the bad stuff away!

Keep him in your thought. Thanks so much!

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