Monday, April 15, 2013

The day of the surgery

Well everyone. The surgery went well! We got to Shriners around 5:15. Got to see all the Dr's and anesthesiologists, all the people we needed to see. They have him calming med around 7:00am and took him into the OR around 7:45. He was a little nervous but overall did very well. When they took him back he was given "general" anesthesia as well as an epidural. The nurse called me to tell me around 9:03, they started working in his Rt hip. I can't remember but some were around 11:45 she called to say they were working now in the left hip and all was going well. They finished around 1:48pm.

The Dr. Came out to talk to us. He said that they gave alex an epidural but they had to take it out and put it up higher. Then he told is that the surgery went well and explained what he did. That the actual surgery went smoothly and he had great strong bones. Because of all that he felt that he did not need to put a spica cast on him. I was surprised but was happy! They did say he lost some blood and had to give a blood transfusion . But that recovery seemed really good.

We were able to see Alex about 45 min later. Alex did get a pin in each hip with medal plates holding it .

Now he is sleeping off and on. He is doing great! I have videos to post and once I get that figured out I will post them. Have a great night everyone! I pray for some sleep:)

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