Sunday, April 14, 2013

Time is drawing near!

So we have made it so far with out getting sick! were are almost to surgery day! Three more days! I pray that my little one does not get sick and that I stay healthy as well.

I have to say that so far I have been very good at getting organized. I am a list maker... I get satisfaction when I get to cross things off that I have done. I also am a visual person so... making list of what I have to do helps organize my thoughts and helps me not to forget anything.

My husband was going to throw out a wipe board that he had from a job he was working on. It was bent on the bottom but not to much. I took it and cleaned it up. On it I put Alex's surgery week. On this I write down a calendar on what will be happening each day we are in the hospital. The times and places were my other kids will be going and doing while we are away. This gives my husband something to look at when he is wondering were his kids are and who is taking care of them. I also put the phone number of who will be watching my kids as well as the Hospital address and the visiting hrs  and room number. I hope this will be helpful to him!

I also made a release form with information for my kids, to give to the adults who will be watching them. It has important medical info as well as their doctor and the hospital they should be taken too incase of an emergence. Along with that I will be giving them an Emergency care Authorization sheet incase neither my husband or myself can be reached. It will give them the authorization to make medical decisions.

Some of you make think this is maybe to much. I feel as though the less I have to worry about the more I can focus on my Alex at the hospital. I will know that everything is taken care off with my absents.  There will be no unknowns for me as well as those who are taking care of my children!

You may choose to do this or may not but... for me it is again a form of control that I have in an uncontrolled situation. My friend and family who will be helping me...I trust with the most precious things I have... My children. They will feel more comfortable and so will I. My children will be well taken care of. :)

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