Thursday, April 18, 2013

I have to tell you it's been tough!!

We are on our third night here at Shriners going into our third day after surgery.

It's been tough getting his pain under control . There are a lot of tweaking and moving, meaning repositioning him from side to side.

This is a big surgery! Yesterday he had a lot of visitors and I think that was to much.

Take into consideration what your child can handle. He had a lot of awake time but there were visitors and the rest he really needed didn't happen I think.

I called some friend and told them its not a good time. You have to be okay with doing that. They will understand . There will be lots of times to see him when he gets home.

The hospital is also trying to get him to a base line pain management control and that has been hard to get to.

One thing that I have found to be helpful to my some is imagery. When he is in pain and he gets his meds... They don't always take in-affect right away. So he is all worked up. I try to get him to calm down by trying to take big breaths. If he can't do that I then try to paint him a scene.. I say lets go on a trip.

We have been to were rainbow butterflies and unicorns and Pegasus live. We have been to space, the jungle, to Auntie Mindy's house for fireworks. We have been to the arctic and to an underwater adventure through the eyes of a turtle. We have even owls looking for food at night.

This has helped calm him down! Through these next couple of hrs I am trying to think of everything to help take the pain away.

I feel as though it distracts him from the pain and gives him something else to focus on. We tried. Tv and that didn't work, we tried music and that didn't really help. My Alex seems to like the sound of my voice.

Hope this helps. Some of my tricks that I have found to work sometimes ;)

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