Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The night after surgery!

Well, I have to tell you everything went well right up until around 10:00 pm, the night after his surgery!

He started to point to his leg and I asked him if his leg hurt. He nodded his head yes. All of the sudden the screams started and the flood of tears came from his eyes. "Mommy mommy mommy, ( mommy wasn't taking his pain away. ) Daddy daddy daddy, ( daddy wasn't coming to take the pain away. ) nanna nanna nanna (nanna was not taking the pain away. Back to Mommy mommy mommy.

The nurse gave him stronger med and he started to calm down a little. I told him lets go on a trip. And we're we will go has a beautiful rainbow and rainbow butterflies ... And the scene when on from there till he calmed down. Then he would be so tired and fall asleep.

This is what it was like every two hours all night long.

My heart was in nots and I was getting little sleep. To see your child like that. There are no words to explain. The worst part was I couldn't just pick him up and hold him! We are in a good place and they took care of it as soon as he started to cry!!

This morning they ordered a dose of epidural . That has gotten him tired today! So I pray today is better! He will be getting another does later this evening which I hope will give him a better night!

My little man is such a fighter. He is brave and strong . Just really tough all around.

Thank you for your prayers keep them coming and I will let you know how he is doing! It can only get better from here!!

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